2012-03-16 PHOVarious changes to support Linux master
2012-03-16 PHObuild-hc-pkg: cosmetic changes
2012-03-16 PHObuild-hc-pkg (detect_number_of_cpus): support for Linux
2012-02-23 PHOdetect_number_of_cpus: tiny fix
2012-02-23 PHOmk/ better message
2012-02-23 PHOsay_hello: cosmetic changes
2012-02-23 PHOsay_hello: honor $0
2012-02-23 PHOsay_hello: plural form
2012-02-23 PHOBetter way to detect the number of CPUs.
2012-02-23 PHOUse autotools' idea of the canonical name of platform...
2012-02-23 PHO#cpu detection for NetBSD
2012-02-23 PHOtiny tweak
2012-02-23 PHOFix conflicts
2012-02-23 PHObuild-hc-pkg: Code reorganization
2012-02-15 PHOdetect the name of GNU tar
2012-02-09 PHObuild-hc-pkg seems to be mature now.
2012-02-09 PHOinitial commit including canon-name