2015-08-07 PHONew configuration variable: USE_CABAL_COMMAND master
2013-03-01 PHOImprove "make fixme" for git repositories.
2011-12-20 PHOignore "Parse error" as haskell-src-exts tends to fail...
2011-11-16 PHObetter options for haddock and hlint; new target 'recon...
2011-10-13 PHO"make fixme" should also print TODO's
2011-10-13 PHOnew variable: HLINT_OPTS
2011-10-03 PHOnew target: ChangeLog
2011-10-03 PHO"make lint" should run hlint with --cross
2011-09-27 PHOimproved "make push"
2011-07-30 PHOinitial revision