2008-12-27 PHOAdded COPYING. master
2008-12-27 PHOconfigure.ac fix
2008-12-27 PHOUse of getopt() was in an unportable way.
2008-12-27 PHOI had to copy malloc.c from the gnulib. Why...?
2008-12-27 PHO$(LIBOBJS) must be explicitly added to the LDADD?
2008-12-27 PHOgetprogname(3) wasn't portable enough.
2008-12-27 PHORemoved unportable dependency on <err.h>.
2008-12-27 PHOCreated autogen.sh
2008-12-27 PHODone!
2008-12-27 PHOThe original daemon(8) source; copied from FreeBSD...