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Project Description Owner Last Change
EsounD.git Type-safe Haskell bindings... 12 years ago
Lucu.git Embedded HTTP Server 11 years ago
Rakka.git Rakka the RESTful Wiki engine 11 years ago
autobuild.git Build-automation script design... 8 years ago
bindings-CarbonCore.git Low level bindings to Apple... 12 years ago
bindings-CoreFoundation.git Low level bindings to Apple... 12 years ago
bindings-EsounD.git Low level bindings to EsounD 12 years ago
bindings-apr-util.git Low level bindings to Apache... 12 years ago
bindings-apr.git Low level bindings to Apache... 13 years ago
bindings-audiofile.git Low level bindings to audiofile 12 years ago
bindings-librrd.git Low level bindings to RRDtool 11 years ago
bindings-uname.git Low-level binding to POSIX... 14 years ago
blackboard-dns.git Blackboard DNS is a dynamic... 14 years ago
build-hc-pkg.git A toolkit to build GHC bootstr... 11 years ago
cabal-shared-makefile.git Common Makefile for my Cabal... 8 years ago
cocoli.git cocoli the write-ahead transac... 12 years ago
daemon.git Portable version of FreeBSD... 14 years ago
firefox2-finkpatch.git repository for local/firefox2... 14 years ago
fixparanoia.git A tiny tool that renames track... 14 years ago
git-rc.git An example rc.d script for... 14 years ago
gregtech6.git Decompiled sources of GregTech 6 5 years ago
haskell-dns.git An implementation of DNS serve... 14 years ago
hs-rrdtool.git High-level bindings to RRDtool 13 years ago
hxt-compile.git Compile HXT XmlTree's into... 13 years ago
imenu-relinker.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
macports-cielonegro.git MacPorts Portfiles developed... 13 years ago
oh-my-god.git DocBook version of the legenda... 11 years ago
password-store.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 months ago
pci-nopaste.git An obsolete implementation... 10 years ago
pkg-find-outdated-cabal.git Find outdated cabal packages... 13 years ago
pkgsrc-ardour.git pkgsrc package description... 13 years ago
pkgsrc-cinelerra-cv.git Master repository for pkgsrc... 13 years ago
pkgsrc-firefox3.git pkgsrc www/firefox3 14 years ago
pkgsrc-ghc.git Git repository for wip/ghc. 10 years ago
pkgsrc-jack.git pkgsrc package for JACK2 12 years ago
pkgsrc-libXfont Git repository for wip/libXfont 14 years ago
pkgsrc-supercollider.git Environment and programming... 13 years ago
pkgsrc-tcl-tDOM.git High performance XML data... 13 years ago
pkgsrc-xorg-server.git Git repos for wip/modular... 14 years ago
soundpipes.git Media streaming framework... 12 years ago
ssh-agent-manager.git A tiny script to keep a single... 3 years ago
stowinstall.git `make install DESTDIR=...... 3 years ago
sugar.git Private dot files for PHO. 22 months ago
task-reporter.git Example of scala-swing 8 years ago
time-http.git Parse and format HTTP/1.1... 11 years ago
time-w3c.git Parse and format W3C Date... 12 years ago
wavpack.git WavPack codec written in Haskell 12 years ago
yadm-pho.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 7 weeks ago
youtube-dl.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago