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Project Description Owner Last Change
ssh-agent-manager.git A tiny script to keep a single... 22 months ago
fixparanoia.git A tiny tool that renames track... 12 years ago
build-hc-pkg.git A toolkit to build GHC bootstr... 9 years ago
git-rc.git An example rc.d script for... 12 years ago
haskell-dns.git An implementation of DNS serve... 12 years ago
pci-nopaste.git An obsolete implementation... 8 years ago
blackboard-dns.git Blackboard DNS is a dynamic... 12 years ago
autobuild.git Build-automation script design... 6 years ago
cabal-shared-makefile.git Common Makefile for my Cabal... 6 years ago
hxt-compile.git Compile HXT XmlTree's into... 11 years ago
gregtech6.git Decompiled sources of GregTech 6 3 years ago
oh-my-god.git DocBook version of the legenda... 9 years ago
Lucu.git Embedded HTTP Server 9 years ago
pkgsrc-supercollider.git Environment and programming... 11 years ago
task-reporter.git Example of scala-swing 6 years ago
pkg-find-outdated-cabal.git Find outdated cabal packages... 12 years ago
pkgsrc-xorg-server.git Git repos for wip/modular... 12 years ago
pkgsrc-ghc.git Git repository for wip/ghc. 8 years ago
pkgsrc-libXfont Git repository for wip/libXfont 12 years ago
pkgsrc-tcl-tDOM.git High performance XML data... 11 years ago
hs-rrdtool.git High-level bindings to RRDtool 11 years ago
bindings-apr.git Low level bindings to Apache... 11 years ago
bindings-apr-util.git Low level bindings to Apache... 11 years ago
bindings-CarbonCore.git Low level bindings to Apple... 11 years ago
bindings-CoreFoundation.git Low level bindings to Apple... 11 years ago
bindings-EsounD.git Low level bindings to EsounD 10 years ago
bindings-librrd.git Low level bindings to RRDtool 9 years ago
bindings-audiofile.git Low level bindings to audiofile 10 years ago
bindings-uname.git Low-level binding to POSIX... 12 years ago
macports-cielonegro.git MacPorts Portfiles developed... 11 years ago
pkgsrc-cinelerra-cv.git Master repository for pkgsrc... 11 years ago
soundpipes.git Media streaming framework... 10 years ago
time-http.git Parse and format HTTP/1.1... 9 years ago
time-w3c.git Parse and format W3C Date... 10 years ago
daemon.git Portable version of FreeBSD... 12 years ago
sugar.git Private dot files for PHO. 10 days ago
Rakka.git Rakka the RESTful Wiki engine 9 years ago
EsounD.git Type-safe Haskell bindings... 10 years ago
imenu-relinker.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 months ago
youtube-dl.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
password-store.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 days ago
wavpack.git WavPack codec written in Haskell 10 years ago
stowinstall.git `make install DESTDIR=...... 22 months ago
cocoli.git cocoli the write-ahead transac... 10 years ago
pkgsrc-ardour.git pkgsrc package description... 11 years ago
pkgsrc-jack.git pkgsrc package for JACK2 11 years ago
pkgsrc-firefox3.git pkgsrc www/firefox3 12 years ago
firefox2-finkpatch.git repository for local/firefox2... 12 years ago